St. John’s Cemetery Cleanup


Notre Dame Game

Notre Dame vs Syracuse U. Sponsored by Div. 10, 9/27/14 turned out a big success. Everyone had a great time. Fighting Irish won, 31 – 15.


2014 Billy Briggs Memorial Scholarship


Letter and pictures from Naimh McFadden

Dear Billy Briggs Memorial Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners of the Billy Briggs Memorial Scholarship and for giving me the most amazing time of my life. Going to Bun An Inbhir in Ireland was such a life changing experience. I made so many new friends, learned Irish, and created memories to last me a lifetime. I would do anything to go back and see everyone again. Nothing can ever compare to my experience at Bun An Inbhir

It was a little intimidating at the start, jumping into a place where everyone knew Irish and was speaking it but as soon as I got to my house, Teac Marion, and started making friends everything felt fine. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to share a house with for 3 weeks.Together we went surfing, cliff jumping, and kayaking.The memories like eating Jaffa cakes 24/7, walking to the shop, and spilling bainne ar briste are things i’ll always remember. All we did was laugh and just have a great time. Our house would always do crazy things like painting ourselves like zombies or even palm trees. I still talk to them every day through the internet and consider them my best friends even though we are so far a part.

At the school we did so much like singing, dancing at ceilis, playing sports, and of course learning Irish. The ceilis were always the best part of the day. Every ceili had a different theme and the best was USA day. They had it on the 4th of July and it was the best 4th of July I ever celebrated. I went surfing for the first time that day and taught about half a dozen kids the pledge of allegiance. We talked about how different things are here compared to there. The best was when they were so excited to be playing volleyball with Americans.

Theres so much I miss from being at Bun An Inbhir. I miss Marions bread and soup everyday. I miss seeing all my friends and screaming sos in the middle of class so we could take a break. I miss our walks to the beach and to the park. What I miss the most is waking up everyday knowing I’m surrounded by amazing people, in my favorite country, while learning all about my culture.


Niamh McFadden




Letter and Pictures from Taylor Radcliffe

I just want to thank everyone who put so much time and effort into planning the most amazing experience of my life. A huge thank you is due to Kevin Hayman and Niall Brady for reassuring my worried mother as well as all they did to make sure my trip went smoothly. I know there are many other people who contributed to this life changing experience so thank you to the scholarship committee, my grandfather, John Walsh and the Hibernians. This Scholarship gave me an opportunity to see and experience the beautiful culture, landscape, and people of Ireland. Without this amazing program I wouldn’t have acquired the close friends that I have so far spoken too almost every day since I arrived home. I shared the house that I stayed in with thirteen other girls, all of which got along and grew to love each other like sisters. By the end of the course we were in tears by the thought of leaving behind our new, very large, family.
The school was a whole other experience, but equally as amazing. I remember the first day when Niamh and I were sitting down, getting ready for our first day and the principal started speaking. We just looked at each other, completely confused because none of the words he was saying was familiar, whatsoever. Throughout the weeks though we picked up on common phrases and commands said by our teachers and could mostly figure out what was going on. We were in the beginners class and learned what we needed, such as how to say our name, age, where we were from, and a bunch else from our class mates. Without being totally immersed in the language like we were, there was no way I would have learned at much.
Again, thank you so much for feeding the need to travel that I never knew I had.

Taylor Nic Rabhchlaidh (Radcliffe)


2014 Cemetery


Emerald Sponsor


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